Building Department


Our goal in the building department is to ensure that all projects that are completed within the Village of Coal City are built correctly to insure the life, health, and safety of its citizens in the built environment. As we are expanding as a village, we also want to meet your needs as contractors and as residents of our fine community.

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Building Codes, Building Permits, Building/Rebuilding Requirements & Policies, Contractor Information

Applicable Building Code

Building Permit Application Checklist

Garage Checklist

Garage Specs

CONTRACTOR Information

Contractor Registration Form

Contractor’s Rules and Regulations

Current Registered Contractor’s 01/14/2021


PERMIT Information

New Construction – Additions – Garages > Permit must be obtained at the Village Hall (3 part form)

Miscellaneous Permit


Commercial, Industrial, Residential Guidelines

Commercial Guidelines – Outside the Core Area

Commercial Core Area Guidelines

Industrial Guidelines

Residential Guidelines


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