Constellation New Electric Aggregate Company for Coal City

Beginning October 2018, the Village of Coal City will be utilizing Constellation NewEnergy, Inc. as the preferred supplier for its Electric Aggregation Program.  The link below is a sample letter of what you will receive in the mail to either continue with Coal City’s aggregation program or OPT out.

Aggregation Letter to Residents



1 – This rate from the Village is higher than ComEd?
The current ComEd price to compare is 7.358/kWh, residents with the aggregation group are currently paying 7.190/kWh.  Those rates expire at the end of September.  Beginning October 1 the ComEd price to compare will be 7.941/kWh, and the aggregation group will be 7.517/kWh.

2 – Who allowed the government to do this?
Each community passed a referendum in April of 2012 (with the exception of Lockport which was November 2012) allowing the municipality to establish an aggregation program.

3 – Do I have to OPT-OUT every time?
Yes.  The way that the aggregation programs are established all eligible residents, including those who have opted out in the past, receive the letters and are re-enrolled.

4 – Why do I have to provide my account number?
ComEd supplies the account numbers, via the requests from the communities, to the suppliers so that the winning supplier can mail out the letters and enroll all the eligible customers.  In order to opt-out of the program they need the account number to remove the list of enrolled customers.

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