Dog Park


The park is open 8am to sunset daily. The park is closed occasionally for cleaning purposes randomly each day.

Entry and Exiting the Park Etiquette:
1. Do not open the outside gate if an inside gate is open so nobody escapes!

2. Check all entrances before unleashing your dog.

3. Water your pet prior to entering the park, and keep drinking water readily available in your possession for intermission and after play.

4. Dogs should have year round heart worm prevention treatment.

5. All dogs benefit from guidance and obedience requirements. All dogs must be well socialized and happy dog. Work to educate your pet.

6. Play or Fight? Know your dog. Check your ego at the gate and be realistic rather than idealistic when it comes to your dog’s temperament. Understand that dogs have different play styles, temperaments and physical abilities. Many dogs love rambunctious play, but some dogs suffer from injuries, and some are more timid and independent. Some dogs have rough play styles and can be overpowering though non-aggressive. Mounting can initiate a potentially harmful situation. If your dog is visibly stressing another dog, please immediately remove your dog to another part of the park, or remove them from the park all together. It often takes several visits before the dogs understand what is, and what is not acceptable. But they will learn. Don’t wait for someone to ask you to do the polite thing. Remember, a little common sense and courtesy go a long way when the success of the Dog Park relies on the people who use it! Always respect the wishes of the handler and be prepared to move to another area of the park if your dog is to overbearing. Leash up and leave if your dog is acting aggressively. Aggressive dogs are not allowed and are not appreciated by others. No matter how cute you think he is, and no matter how much you want your dog to be able to use the park. If he’s acting aggressively he needs to leave. Try again, work on his behavior, sign up for obedience classes and work your way to being the pack leader between you and your dog.


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