Future Broadway Reconstruction Information

Future Broadway Reconstruction

Broadway is planned to undergo a major renovation and reconstruction in 2019.  Federal dollars will be supporting this major construction project.  Although a portion of Broadway, which is south of the BNSF RR tracks to Spring, was repaved in 2018, this portion’s investment was minimal compared to the planned reconstruction north of the railroad tracks.  The upcoming Broadway reconstruction project is expected to expend at least $5 million on everything from the driving surface to the replacement of the sidewalks to the incorporation of pedestrians paths, lights, and beautification features.

Details about those Federal Funds

  • This type of funding comes along with federal requirements. 80% of this project shall be paid from the federal government while Coal City is required to contribute 20% of the cost.


  • Total expenditures are capped at $4.5 million and can only be used on Broadway between Division and Spring Road. These monies cannot be used elsewhere.


  • Federal requirements include certain spacing for all of the different modes of traffic. Parking is one mode of traffic while traveling in the through lanes (the main traffic lanes) is another.  Walking on the sidewalk is a different mode of traffic, which must be constructed to abide by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.  Additionally, federal requirements include the installation of a consistent pattern.  If parallel parking is used on the west side of Broadway, north of the railroad tracks, it must continue on the south side of the railroad tracks.


Current head-in angle parking does not comply with federal requirements.  Footage must be provided for a driver to complete the backing motion alongside the northbound lane of Broadway.  This will force Broadway to expand westward and eliminate some of the existing parkway.  Reverse Angle Parking can be completed without as much dedicated footage for the single purpose of parking alongside the through lanes.


Saturday, April 7, 2018 at Village Hall – An Open house is being held to receive your comments.  This will be staffed with project coordinators who will be available to show you details concerning the project and answer questions between 9:00am & 1:00pm.


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