Trial Reverse Angle Parking


The Village has been following the engineering design requirements in order to plan on the Broadway Reconstruction project which will remove and replace all of the infrastructure from the east side of the right of way to the west side of the right of way from Division southward to the BNSF railroad tracks.  In order to provide as much space within the right of way as possible for multi-modal transportation (i.e. accommodating pedestrians walking and biking as well as normal auto traffic), it is clear there is not enough room to consider the placement of a beatification median separating the north and southbound lanes.  However, increasing safety for the business onstreet parking and attempting to accommodate as much parking as possible has led to the consideration of “reverse angle parking.”


Coal City has a unique opportunity to try this type of parking on a trial basis in order to have more information with which to determine if this should be considered for the new street design.  When the resurfacing program was completed in the Fall of 2017, the contractor for the work – D Construction, was unable to apply the parking stripes due to winter weather temperatures setting in, disallowing the marking of the parking stripes.  Parking continues in front of businesses south of the BNSF railroad tracks despite the lack of striping with everyone utilizing the space in the same traditional manner.  Prior to the contractor returning to complete the striping that had been included as part of the resurfacing job, Coal City will attempt to try reverse angle parking on a limited basis.


What is Reverse Angle Parking?

This type of parking, which is a much simpler maneuver than parallel parking and results in the vehicle correctly facing the lane of traffic it shall join when departing the business, utilizes less paved surface and allows the total width of the cross section (a cross section refers to the total right of way width design; this includes everything from the back side of the east sidewalk to the backside of the west sidewalk) to save 12’ dedicated for the traditional backup action when departing business and reversing into ongoing traffic.  If Coal City should decide upon accommodating this type of parking, it must receive IDOT approval.  A request has already been made to preserve the capability to possibly re-do its downtown parking plan with this configuration.


When will this happen?

Below is the reverse angle parking plan to allow the community to try reverse angle parking on a limited basis prior to the area receiving its final parking stripes.  The Public Works Department would put into place the Reverse Angle Parking Trial according to the dates provided.  This would allow residents to try a different way of parking prior to the Board deciding upon whether this should be included in the final design or not.  This is a trend in other communities as modern reconstruction projects look to create “Complete Streets,” which are attractive, business friendly, multi-modal business corridors.


Reverse Angle Parking Trial

  • Inform the affected parties. This includes sending notice to adjacent properties, i.e. businesses and residents along Broadway informing them of the upcoming reverse angle parking trial to take place and distribute a press release to the media.       February 23rd
  • Discuss the Improvement with local Media and hopefully get pictures of the Public Works crew providing the trial area installation.     Febr. 27 – March 6
  • The trial area is used by the community beginning that afternoon and evening.      Febr. 27 – March 6
  • Adjacent businesses and residences are polled to determine if the new style of parking will work permanently within the block.        April 10 – April 17


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