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The Maintenance Department is comprised of a skilled work force that is dedicated to repairing and maintaining the city’s Municipal buildings, structures, streets, sidewalks and parks, as well as infrastructure maintenance. They also respond to numerous emergency situations in a timely fashion. Under the directions of the Public Works Director, Darrell Olson, the work force consists of Danny Lewis, Maintenance Supervisor, 4 full time maintenance men, John Mack, Jason Valerio, Aaron Craterfield, Matt Ramirez, Jace Shaw and 3 part time maintenance men, Gezim Bakui, Zach Rouse and Phil Collins. In addition the part time summer help is also under Mr. Olson’s direction.

The Maintenance Department is also responsible for assuring that all vehicles are maintained within the highest standards possible and vehicles are available to meet all service requirements.

Maintenance Department is Responsible For:
Street Maintenance:

  • 40 miles of paved roads
  • 3 miles of unpaved roads
  • 10 miles of alleys 1. Pot hole repair 2. Grade and spread gravel on alleys and parkways 3. Snow and ice removal – keep our streets safe for use and travel during and after snow fall

Bike Path Maintenance:

  • 1 to ¾ miles 1. Grade and level limestone 2. Control vegetation growth by mowing and weed eating 3. Repair and replace signs as needed

Mosquito Control Program:

  • Spraying ULV machine and larvicide’s

Building Maintenance:

  • Maintain and repair issues with Village owned buildings

Sewer Maintenance:

  • Ensures that all storm and sanitary sewers function properly

Water Main & Services Maintenance:

  • Repair leaks, install new services and replace fire hydrants

Water Meters:

  • Meter reading, repair, and maintenance of 2277 meters

Detention & Retention Pond Maintenance:

  • Maintain weed control by mowing and spraying

Sidewalk Maintenance:

  • Remove and replace bad sidewalks and ensure compliance with A.D.A requirements

Park Maintenance:

  • Maintain and preserve the beauty of three parks and all of Village owned property

The Maintenance Department relies on private contractors for assistance for the following services:

  • Garbage, recycling, and yard waste services
  • Tree maintenance and removal
  • Operation and maintenance of street lights
  • Operation and maintenance of traffic signal lights
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