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Spring Clean-up


Spring Clean-up

Annual Spring Clean-Up for the Village of Coal City residents only, is scheduled for Thursday, April 29th and Friday, April 30th, 2021.  The clean-up will be curbside.

Please note this will be the ONLY clean-up this year.  The previous fall clean-up has been eliminated.

Items not allowed are: Broken concrete, building materials, rocks, soil, household hazardous wastes including but not limited to, explosives, paints, oils, solvents or other materials that may present a fire hazard, medical and biohazard wastes, construction and/or demolition material in excess of 32-gallson including drywall, lumber, roofing materials, fencing and posts, permanent swimming pools and/or material(s) resulting form fires, floods or evictions.

Old paint will be included in this pick-up if it is dried.  To dry paint, add kitty litter to the paint containers.  No liquid paint will be picked-up.

Also included in the spring clean-up is a WHITE ITEM & TIRE PICK-UP for Thursday, April 29th and Friday, April 30th.  A maximum of 4 tires, no rims are allowed.  White Items are anything that heats or cools. (refrigerators, washers & dryers, air conditioners)  This pick-up will be curbside.

Yard Waste pick-up begins on April 1st and April 2nd.

Per contract, Environmental Disposal will pick-up one large item weekly.  (Furniture, not appliances or electronics)  If a large/heavy item is placed for pick-up, please contact Environmental Disposal at (815) 725-4555 to schedule pick-up.

An electronics pick-up is scheduled for Thursday, May 20th and Friday, May 21st.  This does not include TV’s or monitors.  To dispose of those items contact Environmental Disposal at (815) 725-4555.

These services are free of charge to the residents of Coal City.

Please contact Village Hall if you have any questions.

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