Building Department

Our goal in the building department is to ensure that all projects that are completed within the Village of Coal City are built correctly to insure the life, health, and safety of its citizens in the built environment. As we are expanding as a village, we also want to meet your needs as contractors and as residents of our fine community. We recognize that proper construction and safety is best promoted by voluntary compliance of building codes and the good faith efforts of responsible property owners. The Coal City Building Department is a primary resource that landlords, managers and contractors should utilize to ensure that their properties are safely maintained, managed profitably, and promotes community health, safety and stability. I have an open door policy for any of our residents, landlords or contractors to answer any questions or problems that may arise and to help you to a quick solution. Again, we are here to assist you and to make your process go smoothly.


A building permit is a document issued by the Village of Coal City, which legally authorizes construction activity.

A permit is required for the following: New Residential Construction, Commercial Construction, Industrial Construction, Additions, Garages, Electrical upgrades, Fences, Pools, Decks, Sun rooms, Patios

Future initiatives include a new no fee permit to cover other construction not listed above to ensure proper procedures are followed to safeguard our residences.

Richard (Bob) Malone, Building and Zoning Official
815-634-8608 (office)

Kyle Watson, Deputy Building Official
815-999-1112 (cell)



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